“I biked across America, and I did my Ironman and Nike was like, Charlie, we see you,” he told TMZ. “And they said that they had a surprise for me. And they put me in what I believe is the most culturally shifting ad campaign of all time. The 30-year Just Do It Nike campaign, it’s just an honor to be in it. Respect.”


“Jabaley describes the different phases of his life as character roles. Today, he’s “Charlie Rocket,” but once he was “CEO Charlie,” an adolescent brain tumor survivor and budding music mogul hoping business acumen would compensate for his obesity. By his late 20s, he was a hip-hop titan. It was not an act. Jabaley built a multimillion-dollar music and artist management company called Street Execs. His artists included 2 Chainz and Travis Porter. He was the creator of the instant viral Christmas success “Dabbin’ Santa Sweaters.”


“If Charlie Jabaley 30, comes off strong, it’s because the self-made hip-hop mogul only knows unequivocal commitment to every challenge. When he fails, he fails hard.But his dauntless, wide-smiling spirit rebounds a step ahead. When a band you’ve never heard of fired him, his next beat was to manage an eventual Grammy winner. And when a brain tumor put a floodlight on his failing health, he shed 130 (at last count) pounds and completed an Ironman. His next goal: change a million lives. And he’s really going to do it.”


“CEO Millionaires’ founder is here to shake up the motivational speaking world.”


“Drive, willpower, and inner motivation. This is the takeaway that you need to get from Charlie Jabaley. Just keep going, no matter how bad it gets, and if you put your all into it and believe you will achieve your goal.”


“But rather than treat his diagnosis as tragic, Charlie decided to embrace it as a gift — the push he needed to once and for all to face himself honestly, take willing inventory of his life and finally undertake the measures necessary to save himself from himself.”


“The root is consistency,” group manager Charlie Jabaley says. “Travis Porter has been putting out hit records for four years but, on top of that, a strong viral campaign.”


“Nike recently learned about Charlie Jabaley, when the astute influencer and marketing guru created a video using Nike footwear as the centerpiece. Jabaley got Nike’s attention and was flown to the Nike campus in Portland, foreshadowing what audience members can assume will be his ongoing story with Nike. This marks a change in the advertising landscape, as brands are starting to give influencers more creativity to lead campaigns in truly authentic ways.”


“For Charlie Jabaley, co-founder of Street Execs, a reversal in mindset was in order. Not only has Jabaley and his merchandising partner, CAP THAT, cracked the code…But he’s sharing his multimillion-dollar formula with the world. There’s definitely a man in the mirror now who knows how to merchandise!”


“Recalling his childhood dream, Charlie set his sights squarely on Nike and produced a video, explicitly calling out the brand and even leaving a place for their logo to jump on board as a sponsor. The video has reached more than a million views as of this writing.”


“Charlie Jabaley continues to work incredibly hard to go from obese to a Nike athlete and he’s crushing it! “


“Charlie Rocket is for Real. Believe it or not, this guy will change your life.”


“The inspirational fitness ambassador and marketing mogul, Charlie Jabaley, recently caught Nike’s attention by circumventing the traditional agency route and simply supplying authentic consumer-valued content. “